For the policies applicable to personal data about users of the ARCHER2 service refer to the ARCHER2 Personal Data and Privacy Policy and the SAFE data privacy policy.

This policy applies to personal data about applicants requesting to access the HEC-WSI project (e773) on the ARCHER2 service, via the HEC-WSI Access Modes.

Your personal data will be held and collected by the University of Plymouth, on behalf of the HEC-WSI project members, and will be processed in accordance with the HEC-WSI Service and Privacy Policy (this policy) and the University of Plymouth’s Research Participant Privacy Notice.

The personal data collected will include information about you, your role and contact details as well as information about your proposed project.

Use of the ARCHER2 service, by nationals of certain countries, is controlled by special regulations laid down by the UK Government in connection with the Wassenaar Arrangement and we are legally obliged to confirm the nationality of applicants seeking to access the resource. You will be required to confirm your nationality in writing and take responsibility for verifying the nationality of all users associated with your application, before your application can be approved.

Following your application, you will also have the opportunity to provide anonymous equality and diversity information. This anonymised information is collected separately to application forms, is not presented to panels and is used solely for diversity monitoring purposes.

The information you provide will be used to administer your membership to the HEC-WSI project (e773) on SAFE and allows us to support you during your application for and use of these services. We will also use it to carry out an analysis of usage in order to fulfil reporting requirements under the funding terms of the project.

This information will be available only to appropriate members of staff at the University of Plymouth who are working on the HEC-WSI project. Information about you may be shared with:

  • The managers of the HEC-WSI project (e773) on SAFE. These will include staff from other HEC-WSI project members and is necessary to allow them to grant you the correct access within the projects and to otherwise administer the projects.
  • The HEC-WSI Management Group which includes representatives from other project members. This is necessary as part of the assessment process of HEC-WSI access applications.

We will retain the data that we gather for the duration of the HEC-WSI project. Data that could be used to identify you directly will not be retained longer than two years after the end of the HEC-WSI project. Any data held beyond this point will be anonymised.

In addition, emails and other information communicated to us may be retained to allow us to provide a better service. We will not retain such information longer than two years after the end of the HEC-WSI project.

If you have any questions about the treatment of your personal data, please contact the HEC-WSI Support Team.

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