The ARCHER2 Service is a world-class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. For such researchers, there are specific allocation mechanisms for requesting ARCHER2 time via the ARCHER2 partner research councils EPSRC and NERC as detailed on the access ARCHER2 web page.

The following details the access mechanisms to the ARCHER2 service via the EPSRC High End Computing Consortium for Wave Structure Interaction (HEC-WSI).

If a researcher’s work is within the remit of EPSRC and the HEC-WSI, formed around the wave structure interaction research community, then they can apply for ARCHER2 time through via the HEC-WSI access modes detailed below.

The HEC-WSI Support Team are available to offer advice and assistance to any prospective users and can offer guidance as to what is the best route of access as well as provide assistance with completing the access application form(s).

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HEC-WSI Access Modes

The resources allocated to the HEC-WSI are awarded as ‘ARCHER2 time only’, i.e. the following access modes only provide access to ARCHER2 resources and not funding for other items (such as staff time). ARCHER2 costs are notional rather than real costs.

The HEC-WSI currently offers three access modes (plus a dedicated allocation for early career researchers (ECRs) incl. training and support):

  • Porting and Benchmarking (PB);
  • Code Development (CD), and;
  • Project Access (PA).
Call Closing date Notes Application form link
Porting & Benchmarking (PB) Always open a short project of 3 months duration with a small number of allocation units for testing scalability PB Form
Code Development (CD) Always open a 6-month project with a small allocation for improving software performance CD Form
Project Access (PA) [Summer ’23] 21st July 2023 a 12-month project with a large allocation for project runs PA Form
ECR Always open Dedicated allocation for early career researchers (ECRs) including training and support ECR Form


Application advice
Scientific case

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Technical case

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Assessment timetable

The HEC-WSI Management Team will review and approve applications through the PA and CD modes on a monthly basis. A panel will assess applications to Project Access (PA) calls. The Project Access Panel will comprise members of the HEC-WSI management team and at least one invited external observer who will give independent feedback on the HEC-WSI processes.


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