You are applying for ARCHER2 access via the HEC-WSI using the Early Career Researcher (ECR) access mode. This access mode provides a dedicated allocation for ECRs, including training and support. Requests through the ECR access mode can be for projects of any duration (up to 12 months) and any level of allocation (up to 25,000 CUs).  

ECRs are defined by UKRI as someone who is either:  

  • within eight years of their PhD award (this is from the time of the PhD ‘viva’ oral test), or equivalent professional training  
  • within six years of their first academic appointment (the first full or part time paid employment contract that lists research or teaching as the primary function). 

(these periods exclude any career break).  

If this is not appropriate for your proposal, please return to the Access Modes page for alternative access modes. If you have any questions/feedback please contact the HEC-WSI Support Team via the Contact form

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Early Career Researcher Application Form

Applicant Details

Use of the ARCHER2 service, by nationals of certain countries, is controlled by special regulations laid down by the UK Government in connection with the Wassenaar Arrangement and we are legally obliged to confirm the nationality of applicants seeking to access the resource. You will be required to verify your nationality before your application can be approved.
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Research Details (Case for Support)

125 - 250 words depending on requested allocation – suitable for general audience. If your application is approved, this description will be placed on the HEC-WSI website.
0 of 250 max words
400 - 1000 words depending on requested allocation – scientific case plus technical case, e.g. scientific problem being addressed and a justification for the compute/storage resources requested, incl. how using the computational facilities will benefit your research and why you feel the ARCHER2 system is particularly suitable
0 of 1000 max words

Technical Details and Requirements

What are the main codes you will be using? Please provide links to codes/software not presently available on ARCHER2. Click here for a list of available research software on ARCHER2.
e.g. compilers, libraries, tools - Please provide links to codes/software not presently available on ARCHER2. If you do not have any additional software requirements, or if you do not know your requirements, please specify 'no software requirements', or 'software requirements unknown' respectively. Click here for a list of available software libraries on ARCHER2
Do you require support from the ARCHER 2 CSE service, or HEC-WSI Support Team to port and optimize your code on ARCHER2? If yes, please briefly describe the support required. Please also summarise any other support requirements for this project. If you do not have any additional support requirements please specify 'no support requirements'
Please give details on your expected usage of the system e.g. size and length of your proposed jobs and number of nodes concurrently utilised, total number of jobs etc. Please use the online CU Calculator to estimate the total number of CUs required). Successful ECR projects can receive between 2,000 - 25,000 CU to be used over a period of between 3 - 12 months. Please ensure you state the total number of CUs and project duration requested and ensure your job requests fit within this allocation. NOTE: there are 128 cores per node on ARCHER2.
Please give details of the data management and transfer requirements, incl. an estimate of the number of files typically produced by each job, the amount of data read and produced by each job and the total amount of disk required. Please also detail the amount and how/where you plan to transfer the data from the ARCHER2 service

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