These Terms and Conditions are presented to each applicant when they apply for ARCHER2 resource via the HEC-WSI. We anticipate that they will change rarely, if at all. Note that the Terms and Conditions include an agreement to the HEC-WSI processing the user’s personal data; in return, the HEC-WSI undertakes to follow the HEC-WSI Service and Privacy Policy.

Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly. By submitting your application, you are accepting the HEC-WSI Terms and Conditions with the University of Plymouth as the lead for HEC-WSI.

These Terms and Conditions are offered only in English.


Applications for ARCHER2 resource via the HEC-WSI

Only work that falls within the remit of EPSRC and the HEC-WSI can be considered for ARCHER2 access via the HEC-WSI.

The applicant accepts that the use of the ARCHER2 service, by nationals of certain countries, is controlled by special regulations laid down by the UK Government in connection with the Wassenaar Arrangement. As a result, the applicant confirms they have entered their nationality correctly. The applicant also accepts responsibility for confirming the nationality of each additional user associated with the application/project and for communicating this confirmation to the HEC-WSI Support Team.

By submitting an application form for ARCHER2 access via the HEC-WSI an applicant agrees the following:

  • the storage of the applicant’s personal details in the HEC-WSI databases for the use of mailing, accounting, reporting and other administrative purposes;
  • the applicant’s name, institution and short project description will be used on the HEC-WSI website (successful applications only);
  • that they have read and understood both the ARCHER2 service policies and HEC-WSI Service and Privacy Policy.


Conditions of Use

Successful applicants must acknowledge both EPSRC and the HEC-WSI in any outputs arising from any project awards granted, using the standard text below and must provide the HEC-WSI Support Team with details of all the outputs:

This project made use of time on ARCHER2 granted via the UK High-End Computing Consortium for Wave Structure Interaction (HEC-WSI) (, supported by EPSRC (grant no. EP/X035751/1).

All successful applicants must provide a report within 3 months of the end of their allocation period detailing their research outputs. Summaries of these reports will be compiled into an annual management report that will be published on the HEC-WSI website.

They will also be given the opportunity to deliver a HEC-WSI hosted webinar about their work.