Applying for project membership

Following a successful application for ARCHER2 resource, via the HEC-WSI, the first thing you must do, before you can access the resource, is to join the HEC-WSI project on the SAFE system. NOTE: it makes sense to complete this process on the computer you intend to use to access ARCHER2 (as you will need to upload a file generated on that computer.

Step 1   Create a SAFE account (if you have not already) and log on to SAFE

Step 2   Go to the ‘Projects’ tab and select ‘Request access’

Step 3   On the ‘Apply for project membership’ page, select the project for which you wish to request access (all HEC-WSI-supported projects are under the HEC-WSI project, e773)

Step 4   On the following ‘Apply for project membership’ page, check the project is correct (i.e. e773 for the HEC-WSI project). NOTE: the ‘access route’ defaults to ‘Request machine account’. Select ‘Apply’

Step 5   On the SAFE Login account Request’ page check the project is correct (i.e. e773 – HEC WSI). Select the ‘Machine’ you wish to access. NOTE: the HEC-WSI project is restricted to the archer2 machine so ensure that the ‘archer2’ machine is selected and click ‘Next’

Step 6   You’ll then need to complete the ‘SAFE Login account Request’.

– Add a username

– Confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions of Access

– You’ll then need to add an ‘SSH public key’. For instructions on how to add an SSH public key: Read More

Step 7   Set a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) token for your account. As of December 2023, instead of your ARCHER2 password, a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) code will be requested. This is a six digit number, refreshed every 30 seconds, which is generated typically by an app running on your mobile phone or laptop. Thus authentication will require two factors, i.e. SSH key and passphrase (the first factor), plus TOTP (the second factor). The SAFE documentation includes details on how to set up MFA on machine accounts (ARCHER2).

Step 8   Await approval. Once the HEC-WSI Support Team have received your request, and ensured your details are consistent and correct, your application will be approved. This will give you access to the HEC-WSI project (e773) on SAFE (which has zero CUs allocated to it).

Step 9   The HEC-WSI Support Team will create a sub-group for your specific allocation, e.g. e773-PB-0101, and allocate the awarded resource. You, and additional members (specified in your application for HEC-WSI resources), will be added to this sub-group.

Step 10   If you wish to add additional members (not declared on your original application) to your sub-group you must contact the HEC-WSI Support Team, with details of the additional members and confirmation of their nationalities, before their project membership can be approved.

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