Applying for project membership

Following a successful application for ARCHER2 resource, via the HEC-WSI, the first thing you must do, before you can access the resource, is to join the HEC-WSI project on the SAFE system

Step 1   Create a SAFE account (if you have not already) and log on to SAFE

Step 2   Go to the ‘Projects’ tab and select ‘Request access’

Step 3   On the ‘Apply for project membership’ page, select the project for which you wish to request access (all HEC-WSI-supported projects are under the HEC-WSI project, e773)

Step 4   On the following ‘Apply for project membership’ page, check the project is correct (i.e. e773 for the HEC-WSI project). NOTE: the ‘access route’ defaults to ‘Request machine account’. Select ‘Apply’

Step 5   On the SAFE Login account Request’ page check the project is correct (i.e. e773 – HEC WSI). Select the ‘Machine’ you wish to access. NOTE: the HEC-WSI project is restricted to the archer2 machine so ensure that the ‘archer2’ machine is selected and click ‘Next’

Step 6   You’ll then need to complete the ‘SAFE Login account Request’.

– Add a username

– Confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions of Access

– You’ll then need to add an ‘SSH public key’. For instructions on how to add an SSH public key: Read More

Step 7   Await approval. Once the HEC-WSI Support Team have received your request, and ensured your details are consistent and correct, your application will be approved. This will give you access to the HEC-WSI project (e773) on SAFE (which has zero CUs allocated to it).

Step 8   The HEC-WSI Support Team will create a sub-group for your specific allocation, e.g. e773-PB-0101, and allocate the awarded resource. You, and additional members (specified in your application for HEC-WSI resources), will be added to this sub-group.

Step 9   If you wish to add additional members (not declared on your original application) to your sub-group you must contact the HEC-WSI Support Team, with details of the additional members and confirmation of their nationalities, before their project membership can be approved.

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